Mae Kampong

Mae Kampong Village (or “Baan Mae Kampong” in Thai) is located about 50km east of Chiang Mai, in Mae On sub-district, adjacent to San Kamphaeng. The village is a famous eco tourist attraction and home to an interesting Community Learning Center. Just an hour driving from the city, Mae Kampong village is a natural paradise, with a stream running through and an emerald tea forest surrounding.


Parching at about 1300m above, Mae Kampong villagers seems to still maintain their traditional lifestyle. This feature has become attractive to a lot of tourists, who want to escape the commercialism of Chiang Mai and discover the village way of life. Baan Mae Kampong is the first model homestay in Thailand where tourists can stay overnight with local family members, a good opportunity to learn about their lifestyles and culture, and participate in their daily activities.
In Mae Kampong, tourists can wander around to enjoy the purest air and take a lot of pictures, visit the Mae Kampong waterfall for a picnic, or just simply drop in a coffee shop to chill woth friends. They are all the best ways to refresh and contemporarily escape the city lights.


Climate, best time to visit
Baan Mae Kampong is a tropical savanna area, with high temperature and limited rainfall. The best time to travel there is from November to the next January since the weather is quite comfort and there is not so much rain.
Getting in and out
Since Mae Kampong is not so far from Chiang Mai, tourist can fly to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, Yangon, Ho Chi Minh city, Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, … Travelling by trains or cars from other parts of Thailand are possible. From Chiang Mai, tourists can get to Mae Kampong by vans or private cars.
Most of visitors are introduced to the village on zipline tours with Flight of the Gibbon, or can combine with Chiang Mai discovery tours.