Ao Nang

Ao Nang is a small resort town and is a subdistrict locates in the centre of the coastal province of Krabi, Thailand. It is the most crowded beach destination and the most "Westernized" beach in Krabi. The main beach is usually bustle with a lot of tourists come for sunbathing. There are also many longtail boats offering access to the beaches and islands nearby, of which Railay is considered one of the best in Thailand.

ao nang

Visiting Ao Nang, you can participate in and enjoy a wide range of beach activities, such as snorkelling, kayaking, climbing, island-hopping, hiking, diving, shopping, spa/massage/beauty, white water rafting, fishing, visit elephant sanctuaries, cooking classes, temple visits, massage courses...

Visiting Ao Nang after sunset, you can explore three main areas known locally as "Centerpoint", "The Soi" and "Bamboo Soi". Both Centerpoint and The Soi are famous for bars with loud music, disco light and free pool. The bars along Bamboo Soi are a bit calm and have nice views to Ao Nang's spectacular limestone cliff.

aonang krabi

Thanks to its prime location, fabulous topography and wide range of beach sports and activities, Ao Nang has become one of the most prominent beach destinations in Thailand. However, the problem that Ao Nang facing now is outnumbered tourists in the high season and the sea pollution because of sewage that carried directly into the sea.

Anyway, Ao Nang, together with Chiang Mai, is one of Thailand’s two best paradises for extreme adventure sports.