Doi Ang Khang

Doi Ang Khang is a mountainous area on the northern border of Chiang Mai province, home to many ethnic minorities such as Shan, Black La Hu, Paluang, Chin...
The most beautiful place to see cherry blossoms in Doi Ang Khang, also a tourist area elaborately made by Thai people, is Doi An Khang Royal Park, where visitors are immersed in the brilliant pink sea of cherry blossom petals. and many other plants such as rose garden, bonsai park, greenhouse, cherry blossom road, weed hill, kiwi garden, orange garden, peach garden... All are planned scientifically and naturally.


Doi Ang Khang is also a place associated with a project to change the face of the land that was formerly a poor and desolate place on the border, where people grew poppy flowers. In 1969, King Bhumibol Adulyadej came here, witnessed this dead land and created a historical project: the Doi Angkhang Royal Agricultural Project, which transformed this land from a place of support for the Damn, now farmers have crops of strawberries, kiwis, tomatoes, pumpkins, vegetables, herbs...Doi Ang Khang has also become a research station that help other lands with these agricultural Project.


To get to Doi Ang Khang, visitors will have to travel by car through a rather bumpy mountain road, it takes about 4 hours from Chiang Mai airport or Chiang Mai town center to Doi Ang Khang by taxi or private car.
Doi An Khang has a pleasant cool climate all year round, so visitors can travel anytime of the year. However, the best time is in the dry season, when the weather is less rainy or in the festive season of Chiang Mai - around March to April every year.