Doi Mae Salong

Doi Mae Salong, a mountain in northern Chiang Rai province, 6km from the town center, is famous for its tea hills, poetic scenery with small houses peeking out on the tea hills. It is home to the Chinese community of Santi khiri, they grow and produce  “O long” tea on Doi Mae Salong mountain and in winter, cherry blossoms are planted to create a beautiful scene.


Visitors to Doi Mae Salong will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of green tea hills and bright pink cherry blossom petals in winter, breathe in the fresh, clear air, immerse themselves in nature and Enjoy the unique cuisine of the local people.
To get to Doi Mae Salong from Chiang Rai, visitors travel by car, go through Mae Sai Highway, turn to Highway 1130 for a further distance to get to Doi Mae Salong.


Visitors can visit Doi Mae Salong tea hill at any time of the year, but the best time to see cherry blossoms is from December to January next year.
Every year , there is a cherry blossom festival at Doi Mae Salong, including unique ethnic cultural activities that attracts a lot of tourists.