Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao, about 80km away from Chiang Mai, is a town in Chiang Mai Province that lies above the Menam Ping canyon, on the slope of Doi Chiang Dao Mountain. The town attracts tourists by its photogenic sightseeing, with a charming northern Thailand vibe.


A short and scenic 90 minutes from Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao has developed into an excellent alternative base for those who are in the north but do not have the time or inclination to head to the further-flung destinations around the area. While the Chiang Dao Cave is the most popular attraction in the area, there are also chances for trekking with visits to vary ethnic hill tribe villages.

Considering that there is not much of interest in town, the main draw of Chiang Dao is its lovely natural surroundings. This, along with plentiful hill tribe village home stays, makes for a fabulous environment for trekking, bird watching, nature photography, and anything else you fancy most when you find yourself in the great outdoors. Chiang Dao is place of pristine wilderness.


Every Tuesday, Chiang Dao has a bustling and colorful market where people from the surrounding area, including many different groups of hill tribes come to trade their wares. Chiang Dao's best highligh is Doi Chiang Dao, Thailand's 3rd highest mountain, about 2225m high, which is home to an abundance of wildlife and nature.