Why Luang Prabang can give you the best travel experience?

by Sonny L on December 28, 2017

Being acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage City, Luang Prabang boasts both traditional and colonial architecture with thefascinating natural splendor that makes exploring and touring the city an absolute delight.  Luang Prabang day trips take youto the temples, visit a popular waterfall or caves and soak in Luang Prabang’s unique atmosphere. Luang Prabang is, however, managed to preserve its natural magnificence and intrinsic charm, with modern atmosphere. 

At first glance; the gentle and unassuming nature of Luang Prabang will leave a lasting impression on travelers.  For several reasons Luang Prabang is often expressed as the 'Jewel in Laos Crown'. 

Visit temples

The majority of the sights in Luang Prabang city can be reached on foot. You can start your way to the sacred temples to learn more about the city’s religious heritage. It can also be an excellent way to soak up the surroundings and observe the monk community and the Lao people. The wonder of the ancient temples obviously noticeable and the perfect place to witness one of the most sacred Lao traditions, the Buddhist Alms Giving Ceremony. 

golden temple with phoenix-tail shape red roof

Elephant village sanctuary

Luang Prabang has long been a destination for elephant interaction and riding too. The Elephant Village Sanctuary is a lush river valley near the Nam Khan River that offers a lifetime experience to get really up close to the magnificent creatures. The experience can be extended with an additional opportunity to bathe the elephants in the Nam Khan River plus an evening ride over them into their jungle 

elephant riding is now not recommended

Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuang Si Waterfall is the biggest in the Luang Prabang area with spectacular and natural sapphire pools before flowing downstream. The enormous swimming holes in it are very popular among travelers and local people. You can have a swim in the cold water or sit relaxed in the lush shade and watch others having fun over the blue water. You can climb over to the top the trails where you can observe how the stream feeding into the falls in one of the country's most picturesque destinations. Your day trips to Kuang Si Waterfall can be memorable. 

Kuang Si waterfall

Up streamed Cruise to Pak Ou Caves

See the beauty and hidden wonders of Laos on this Pak Ou Caves.  With the help of a local guide make your way along the Mekong River to the Buddha-filled caves of Pak Ou. The caves are filled with thousands of gold-lacquered Buddha statues with numerous dimensions.  Located near the center of Luang Prabang, Pak Ou is not only a particular destination but also a place, which protects historic and cultural values. 

hundreds of Buddha statues inside Pak Ou cave

Enjoy your upstream journey over Mekong River with a local boat cruise to discover the life along the rivers, observe the daily activities of fishermen. After visiting the caves, re-board the boat and stop at Ban Xang Hay, a village which is famous for making traditional rice-wine. You will see the picturesque landscape of the country with villages and verdant paddy fields while cruise back to Luang Prabang.


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