10 Reasons To Go On Cambodia Tour Before You Die

by Sonny L on April 15, 2017

Introducing Cambodia

Cambodia – ascending to the ultimate realm of the God, Angkor Wat with an inspiring and depressing history delivers an intoxicating gift to travel enthusiasts from all over the world. From the country’s inviting people greeting you with wide smiles to its bustling towns, rich culture and history, a Cambodia tour will probably help you understand why should you visit the magnificent country before you die. Here are a few best reasons to choose Cambodia holiday packages right now:

1. Immerse in the Ultimate Magic of Angkor Wat:

Nothing showcases the best of Cambodia better than the mystic, ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat – constructed during the Khmer Empire (9th- 15th Century). Located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the breathtaking temple complex set in a dense jungle, accommodates the mist idyllic temples that you’ll set eyes on ever!

The magic & mystery of Angkor Wat

2. Understand Cambodia’s Rich Heritage at the National Museum of Cambodia:

Just after visiting Angkor Wat, you should dive deeper into the country’s history. If yes, look no further than the National Museum of Cambodia – located north of the Royal Palace in the capital city of Phnom Penh which is even one of the best places to get a glimpse of the Cambodian turbulent history. In fact, the museum continues to preserve Cambodia’s rich heritage while inspiring and educating travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

National Museum of Cambodia

3. Start Shopping at the Bustling Markets of Phnom Penh:

If you are a shopaholic, then you’ll be thrilled by the lively and bustling markets strewn across the Cambodian capital city – Phnom Penh. These markets are the home to goods than you can imagine ever. Starting from fashionable clothes to local delicacies, arts and crafts – Phnom Penh night market has everything on offer to appeal you!

4. Taste Delicious Khmer Cuisine

Cambodian delicacies or Khmer cuisines are not much far behind the internationally recognized Thai or  Vietnamese dishes. Most delicious cuisines include different flavors and textures with the use of herbs, pickled vegetables, leaves, sauces and other common condiments. However, rice is consumed with every meal; but the seasonal herbs, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and fish that make the meals stand out!

old lady selling street food at a local market near Siam Reap

5. Explore Southeast Asia’s Largest Freshwater Lake:

Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The more interesting fact about this lake is its size changes with every wet season. On your Cambodia tour, you can take a boat from Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap, Kompong Khleang lakeside towns to discover the floating villages and admire countless number of fish, bird, plant and reptile species.

Tonle Sap lake observed from above

6. Enjoy Vibrant Nightlife Scene in Siem Reap:

In Siem Reap, you can find everything you’re seeking – whether it’s a luxury resort, affordable motel, finest dining restaurant or nightclub. If you’re planning to book Cambodia holiday packages, don’t forget to enjoy dining, shopping the night market and let loose yourself in Siem Reap!

Nightlife Scene in Siem Reap

7. Watch the Rare Irrawaddy Dolphins in Mekong River:

The unparalleled natural setting of Cambodia is home to some of the rare species around the world – the Irrawaddy Dolphins. They are characterized by their bulging forehead and short beak. These species call nearly a 200-meter stretch of the Southeast Asian river – Mekong River as their home. It’s observed that only 78-91 Irrawaddy Dolphins exist and taking a specialized scenic tour in Kratie will help you spot one of the rarest species on the earth.

Irrawaddy Dolphins in Mekong River

8. Indulge in Glittering Sunset at Bamboo Island:

Going on a trip to Bamboo Island in Cambodia can be the highlight of your Cambodia tour. Located about  a half hour off the Sihanoukville coast, Bamboo Island is a small destination with just two spectacular beaches. You can see the sparkle of sunset at Bamboo Island while getting away from the hustle and bustle of city lifestyle.

9. Know Khmer Charm Better:

If you’re choosing Cambodia tour packages, you should experience the marvel of Khmer charm. From the way Khmer people laugh when they encounter each other in the road while driving, the way delicious food stands, markets, families and business people seem to work and flow together seamlessly and the genuine smile that welcomes most visitors with gratitude, the embracing charm of Khmer people make Cambodia well worth destination for holiday.

Cambodia's Khmer Past

10. Discover Rich Culture and History:

Cambodia enjoys rich culture and history that can be seen and experienced in different ways on a trip to this magnificent country. From watching a wonderful Khmer Apsara dance performance, visiting local produce markets, sampling the Cambodian delicacies and admiring saffron robe-clad monks that seem ubiquitous, Cambodia is a country of color, culture and exotic sightings.

Rich Culture and History Cambodia


Are you excited to visit Cambodia? Book Cambodia tour packages with Travel Authentic Asia and be sure of enjoying the best of your holiday!

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