Unspoiled waterfall between Vietnam - Laos border

QUANG TRI-A Doi Waterfall, nearly 200 m wide, is located on the Se Pon River, which is the natural border between Vietnam and Laos.

A Doi Waterfall is located in Xy commune, about 40 km from the centre of Huong Hoa district. The waterfall is located on the Sepon border river, so each half of the waterfall belongs to one country. The left side is Vietnam, the rest from the middle of the river is Laos.

Se Pon is a border river between Vietnam and Laos, 59.2 km long, originating from Laos and also flowing to Laos. On the Vietnamese side, the river passes through 7 communes and towns in Huong Hoa district, with the starting point at A Doi commune and the ending point at Lao Bao town.

The concrete road was built along the border, so cars with high ground clearance could approach the waterfall. Visitors then walk another 30 minutes along the cassava and upland rice fields of the locals, to reach the waterfall.

Unspoiled waterfall between Vietnam-Laos border

The waterfall is about 4 to 6 m high, and nearly 200 m wide, stretching from the Vietnamese side to Laos. In spring and summer, the waterfall has a gentle flow, little and clear water. In the rainy season, the water flow is stronger but cloudy due to alluvium. In the middle of the waterfall, there is a large protruding rock, dividing the waterfall into two branches looking like the letter V.

Local people say that in the summer, the waterfall is shallow, creating two lakes below the waterfall, where you can cool off. On weekends, people in Khe Sanh town or beyond like Dong Ha city often come here to camp and enjoy nature. However, the waterfall is still unspoiled, has not been placed into tourism activities, and is in a remote area, so there are no other services.

People come to enjoy A Doi waterfall and to fish for relaxation.

Pristine waterfall in Laos

The waterfall is located in a remote area, so visitors have to come prepared with refreshments from the local town market because there are no shops or services there.

The waterfall is located in the middle of the verdant and pristine mountains.

A rather large trout was caught in the middle of A Doi waterfall. A visitor said that he caught a fish weighing 8 kg at this waterfall.

A Van Kieu woman prepares wine yeast made from leaves. The A Doi people are famous for their wine made from forest leaf yeast, which has a pungent taste.

waterfall between Vietnam-Laos

In addition to enjoying the mountain scenery, visitors here also have the opportunity to learn about the life, customs and habits of the Van Kieu ethnic minority. The Van Kieu people are considered hospitable, and every year there are traditional festivals such as the rice - harvesting ceremony, the new rice festival, etc.

Leaders of Huong Hoa District People's Committee said that A Doi waterfall is an unspoiled landscape and are calling for investment by this location. A hiking route to the falls is also planned.

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