2 days in Pakse - Top things to do

Like Luang Prabang in the north, the town of Pakse in the south, Laos is a French colonial style, located at the confluence of rivers. The town is a fantastic mixture of Laotian culture and the relics of French Indochina. Someone might consider the town as a stopover on the way exploring Champasak province, but spending a few days in town can make you fall in love with it. Here is our travel guide on how to generate a 48 hours itinerary in Pakse.

Day 1
Breakfast at Lao Vida
After your night bus or flight to Pakse, you may need to refill your energy for the day ahead. Enjoy breakfast at Vida Bakery and Cafe, which is run by an organization teaching English and vocational training for Laos people. Great barbecue, bread and bagels are waiting for you.
Cycle to the Golden Buddha
With a full belly, it’s time to get a bird’s eye view of Pakse. Rent a bike from your guesthouse or any number of tour operators in the city and head out of town across the Mekong River by way of the Lao-Japan Friendship Bridge. You can see the giant Golden Buddha across the way. That’s your destination. Park your bike and climb the steps to the top for a panoramic view of Pakse. Then cycle across the bridge and around the peninsula to get your bearings.


Lunch at Dok Mai Trattoria
When you’ve had a bike ride, you’ll want to rest and eat. Stop by Dok Mai Trattoria and ask for a table in the secret garden. You’ll be lead out the door and down a small alley to an outdoor seating area filled with trees and tables with umbrellas. Order a glass of wine, a plate of cheese and some pasta. This Italian-owned gem has some of the best food in town.
Walk Around Town
Spend your afternoon leisurely checking out Wat Luang, and Phabat or any of the other 18 temples in Pakse. Wat Luang is the oldest and houses a monastic school. Walk around the peninsula bordered by the Xe Don and Mekong River, or cross Xe Don and check out the park.
Dinner and Sunset
Le Panorama bar on the rooftop of the Pakse Hotel has one of the best views of the sunset. Come in a happy hour around 5-6 pm where drinks are bought one get one free. The food is good and the menu offers both Lao and Western cuisines. The yellow curry is recommended, as well as mojitos.
Live Music at Pizer
Once the sun has set, it’s time to go outside town for some water and live music at Pizer. A large outdoor patio and an indoor stage are provided options for those who want to rock out with the band or choose a quieter table and conversation. Ordering a big Beer Laos and an extraordinary waitress will ensure your glass is always full of ice and beer.

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Day 2
Breakfast at The Tea Room by Dao Coffee
The Dao Coffee company is a big business in the south of Laos. Dao products can be found throughout the country and a 618 acre (250 hectares) plantation in Champasak Province yields 500 tons of coffee per year. Visit the Tea Room in town for an iced or hot cup of joe and a noodle soup or paté sandwich. The service is excellent and the ambience cosy and spotless.
Coffee at 124 Thaluang Coffee
When you’re back in town, get an afternoon pick-me-up at the impeccably decorated, Japanese-run 124 Thaluang Coffee. Order a fantastic home-brewed ginger ale or a pour-over coffee and enjoy the curated ambience of this hidden gem. An assortment of gifts and textiles are for sale and there’s a small library of mostly Japanese books to peruse.

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Champasak Historical Heritage Museum
The Champasak Historical Heritage Museum houses Khmer stone carvings and ancient bronze drums. See Unexploded Ordinances dropped by American planes during the Lao civil war and check out jewellery and textiles from ethnic minorities living in southern Laos.
Dinner on the Floating Restaurants
When you’re ready to grab a bite and watch the sunset, choose from one of several floating restaurants around the peninsula. Mekong Lane Xang is a favourite with a large open-air patio as well and indoor seating. Listen to live music as the sun sets and if you’re feeling bold, sing some karaoke.
Drinks at Sinjuang Beer Garden
After a relaxing dinner, it’s time to liven the mood with more live music and Beer Lao. Sinjuang Beer Garden is a popular local hangout. While the staff doesn’t speak a lot of English, you’ll have no problem ordering a beer and reminiscing about two great days in Pakse in the bustling beer garden atmosphere with modern decor.

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